Before Anesthesia

  1. Please do not eat or drink anything after midnight the night before the surgery. This includes water, coffee, tea, etc. ***If you have taken anything, your surgery may be cancelled. Do not smoke after midnight.
  2. An adult driver must accompany all patients having general anesthesia and remain in the waiting room until the patient is discharged. If your driver does not wait at our office, your surgery will be cancelled. Post-operative instructions will be reviewed immediately following the surgery with your driver. You should be monitored at home for at least six hours after surgery.
  3. If you are on any routine daily medication for diabetes, high blood pressure, or take any other medication for any serious condition, please inform the doctor well in advance of the day of surgery. These medications are often to be taken with sips of water only on the morning of surgery.
  4. You will be drowsy following the surgery and should not drive an automobile for 24 hours afterwards. Do not operate machinery or kitchen appliances. Do not make any major decisions.
  5. Do not wear contact lenses including extended wear contact lenses. Bring eyeglasses for use following surgery.
  6. Do not wear high heels, heavy boots, sandals, flip-flops, clogs or other slip on shoes. Wear sneakers or comfortable tie shoes. This is for your safety when walking after anesthesia.
  7. Do not wear any jewelry above the neck, including all eyebrow, lip and nose piercings, earrings and tongue studs. Please remove these prior to your office arrival. Watches and rings on fingers are permitted.
  8. We routinely monitor the blood pressure and breathing of patients. We request that patients wear a short sleeve shirt or blouse that is loose fitting around the arm for application of the blood pressure cuff. Please wear comfortable, older, dark-colored clothing.
  9. Stop taking all herbal supplements/products one week prior to surgery. ***All weight loss supplements and medications must be stopped two weeks prior to surgery. Aspirin and “blood thinning” medications should be stopped 10 days prior to surgery (or at the doctor’s recommended time).
  10. A parent or legal guardian must accompany minor patients.